Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Purim!

Well, technically Purim is over since it's after sundown, but I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and I was gone all day today, so Happy Belated Purim! For all the non-Jews, that's the celebration of Queen Esther preventing what would have been the first Holocaust (read your Bible, she has her own chapter.)

Anyway, my church, Heritage Fellowship, had a Purim celebration after shabbat last night, and I volunteered to make cupcakes because I love baking. I was debating between snickerdoodle cupcakes, , and Italian cream, a recipe from Cupcakes! From the Cake Doctor by Anne Byrn. I chose the Italian cream, for unknown reasons. Or maybe because I love coconut.

I did two different types of decoration; one with frosting and a little coconut on top and one with coconut thoroughly mixed with the frosting. :)

They were pretty good, but obviously not as good as the red velvet cupcakes I took to church before since 16 of the Italian creams were left when I left church and only 4 of the red velvet were left the last time.

Note to self: Stick with chocolate when trying to please the masses.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Blog?

This seems like the question to ask any blogger. And to every blogger, the answer is different. So why do I think I'm important enough to start my own blog? Several reasons:

1) I like to talk about myself, and believe it or not, not a lot of people like to hear about me.

2) I like to write/talk about things in general. I view blogging as a kind of therapy to get some of my thoughts out of my head. So most of this stuff will be ramblings or rants.

3) I want to show people my work! After all, I named it after an activity I enjoy. I really don't show my friends any of my work (and I sew, paint, knit, crochet, bake and craft in general.) I think I feel more comfortable sharing with strangers. Plus, now I have someplace to send people when they want to see my work!

4) It's free! I can say pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want! It doesn't cost me anything to do, it doesn't cost you anything to read (except time, but hopefully, you'll enjoy it.)

So I guess I blogging to just say things. And believe me, I will. What can you look forward to as a reader?

1) Anecdotes! I swear my friends and I are the funniest people ever. Honestly, if that chick from Laguna Beach can get her own spin off, and then that one chick from her show can get a spin off, my friends and I should be broadcast to your living room every week. You'll love them, and I'll add them to the "Cast List" as I talk about them.

2) Reviews of things! I like to give my opinion about things.

3) Pictures! Of people (who agree to be photographed) and projects I do, or random photography.

4) Rants. I rant a lot. What can I say? Things annoy me.

5) Lists. Obviously, I enjoy making those...
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