Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'd like to pretend that my lack of posting has to do with the fact that I moved, but that's only part of it. Really it's because I can't think of anything to post about. I've moved in, I love my apartment, I get to hang out with Anthony again, and my parents are gone, so everything's pretty sweet. I guess there are some little things I could discuss...

  1. I went to a part-time job fair on campus because I need a job. I swear everyone has a job but me. The job that I super duper want is being a Girl Scout troop leader of sorts. I love Girl Scouts. I was one for 13 years, and even though I never earned my Gold Award, I still like cookies.
  2. My car's broken. Again. I really need that thing to run, partially because the job I want requires me to drive and partially because I like driving myself to the library (I like to go by myself so I don't have to wait on other people and so I can browse to my heart's content,) and the store because I also don't like shopping with other people. They always want to stick together and walk around the whole damn store in a group when it is so much faster and efficient for me to walk away, get my crap, and then find them. I am such a loner sometimes.
  3. I only have $200 in my account, but I still need one textbook and two art kits. My parents got the check for my financial aid, but they won't just deposit it because they think I'm irresponsible with my money (which I probably am, but I need crap.) This is another reason I need a job. I hate calling my parents when I need money because then I have to explain what I need it for (um, snacks at the movies, gas, and fast food. Sometimes a dress, but mostly semi-necessary things.) I'm going to try to go to one of those money management things our school has and keep a real budget to send to them so they see that I'm not a complete money retard (I'll admit that I'm fairly impulsive when it comes to spending cash, but sometimes, I just want to buy clothes. It's not like I'm buying Prada either, I'm at Target. Sue me.)
  4. I accidentally left my watercolor palette on the dashboard of my car during the move (it was a convenient place for it since my car was full and it was less likely to tip over up there,) and it warped and all my watercolors dried up. And a new palette will cost at least $20, and that doesn't even cover the cost of the paint itself.
  5. I'm still not done unpacking. I need to hang up some of my wall art and I want to buy some of those magazine holders, but I'd need to buy the picture hanging strips and the magazine holders too which is more money! It even costs to get organized.
  6. My senior year of high school, I refused to weigh myself for some math project, and we ended up not being able to do the project because I wouldn't, but I knew if I weighed myself I would feel bad and get anxious and obsessive because that's how I roll. Well, for some reason on Tuesday, I thought it would be a great idea to weigh myself on one of those scales in the mall while Anthony was using the restroom. I weigh 225 pounds. Then the scale gave me my lottery numbers and a fortune. Guess what my fortune was? "Exercise to be healthy." Damn scale is an asshole. Anyway, I checked my BMI with that weight, and I am obese, and I'd have to lose 65 pounds to be considered healthy (you see what I mean about obsessive?) But I lack the will power to actually do anything about it, so I just end up eating whatever and then feeling bad because I know it contributes to the 225 pounds.
  7. Lastly, the Mean Green Fling was yesterday, which is like a big fair where they give away free crap that you don't really want, food, and the occasional T-shirt. Well, I was in line for a T-shirt, and the lady handing them out said, "This is the last large!" and held it up, and this guy walks up and takes it. He wasn't even in line, and I was obviously reaching for the shirt. Chivalry is officially dead if a guy won't even let a girl have the last free T-shirt. I ended up with an XL, I can sew it down if I need to, but I'm still mad at that jerk.
I like how I said that everything was okay, but then proceeded to complain about life. I guess these things don't really bother me that much. Although the money/job ones have the potential to spiral.

I suppose it's only fair to make a list of things I've loved so far:
  1. Hanging out with Anthony every day. I don't mean to sound like we're one of those creepy super lovey dovey couples who can't live without each other, but I love being around him.
  2. Having my own room/bathroom. I don't like to wear pants, but it was awkward to be naked in the dorms. Now I'm free!
  3. I got a bicycle to ride around campus! I still need to get a parking pass, so I don't think I'll be riding until next week though.
  4. My roommates and I had a steak dinner to celebrate moving in, and the roomie saying the prayer used the term "kick-ass." I laughed until I cried, and I still giggle thinking about it.
  5. I'm taking screenprinting, weaving, and English this semester. I better have the highest GPA I've ever had.
  6. I got a pedicure with Cassandra, Mary, and one of Mary's friends on Monday. My toes are "Aztec Orange."
  7. I don't have class on Fridays! This is part of the reason I really really want a job, but if I get the Girl Scout job, I still won't have to work/go to class on Fridays.
  8. I'm back at Heritage! I seriously love that church and those people to death. I am never leaving again.
  9. Oh, and I have 13 followers! To loosely quote Professor Trelawney, "When 13 blog together, the first to leave is the first to die." Okay, so she was talking about dining at a table of 13, but I'd like all of you to keep following me and terror seems like a good tool for that. Obscure Harry Potter references for the win!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I like the word 'innocuous'

Sorry I sounded so emo the last post. I really hate feeling sorry for myself especially since I think I have so much to be happy about, but it happens, I guess.

At any rate, I realized Nicholas was right, I totally do have a hobby. So I channeled my anxiety into organizing my fabric. I went through each piece, cut a 2" by 2" square, wrote the yardage amount on the swatch in permanent marker, and clipped each piece to a book ring. Now I know exactly how much of what fabric I own. It turns out that even though I own a lot of fabric (a lot) I have less than a yard of most of them, which would be fine if I didn't like making clothes.

But a couple of weeks ago I bought this pattern so I could start making my wardrobe look more like Emma Pillsbury's (if you're not watching Glee, you should be.)

I wanted to make view C, which is the pink one in the upper left hand corner.

Em-spiration (aargh, Anthony's rubbing off on me!)

At first glance, it seems innocuous enough. Cute pink skirt, right? It has pockets and the hem is relatively straight. It maybe a little short though.

And from the back, it's still okay. My very first lapped zipper doesn't look completely horrible. I actually ironed the whole thing. But then I put it on.

Yeah, kinda short.
And note the pulling around the hips (Also, first and last time I post a full length picture of myself. I wonder if I look this disproportionate in real life?)

And that's my ass (also the first and last time I show my underwear.) It won't zip!

See, I'm a ready-to-wear size 14, which means I can walk into most department stores, pick up a 14, and just wear it as is. So I figured in pattern land, I'd just go up to a 16 since I thought it looked fitted on the model and I'd be fine. Too bad pattern land is graded differently. Always go by the finished measurements provided on the pattern envelope. According to the finished measurements, I'd actually be a size 20.

The good news is, this skirt only took up a yard of fabric, it was on sale for $2.00 a yard, and I got 2 yards, so maybe I can squeeze a bigger one out of the leftovers.

But I was still bored and restless, so instead of packing so I can move this weekend, I decided to make a present for my best friend, Bailey!

And before you ask, no, she's not 5. She's 17, and she likes dinosaurs.

I got the pattern for three dinosaurs (T-Rex, triceratops, and stegosaurus) from a thrift store for 2 bucks.
I had both fabrics in my stash, one was leftover from some hoodie I made, and the blue actually has dinosaurs printed on it in red, green, and yellow. The ribbon was from some gift wrap.

Dino love! And this is what my hair looks like when I try to look like Thandie Newton and skip washing it for a week. But the good news is, I haven't gotten a relaxer yet! Still debating going natural; I'm definitely leaning more and more towards it every day, but I'm not sure how I feel about cutting it all off. I don't care if it's just dead protein, it's warm and mine.

At least I now feel accomplished in addition to anxious. I'm off to pack now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

It's times like these I wish I drank. Although, drinking to forget problems and pass the time seem like the quick road to alcholism, so I think I'm okay with not drinking.

At any rate, I'm anxious. I'm anxious a lot, actually, but usually I just get angry, rant, and feel better. But today is different because I've realized that I am officially the most pathetic person on the face of planet Earth. I'm anxious, and I realized that I can't talk to anyone about this. Or rather that the only person that I should be talking to about this doesn't want to talk to me.

But the real cherry on this pathetic sundae is the tears. I don't cry a lot, but the past three days I have hit deplorable levels of Bella Swan-esque blubbering. Seriously? I need a life. Or at the very least a time consuming hobby. Being a girl sucks. What's with this need to talk to someone?

On a lighter note, I was burning a piece of paper for an art project, and I think I have a hidden pyromaniac streak.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Been Another Week

Already. And there's nothing new or exciting on the home front. I'm not alone though, many of my favorite bloggers have lapsed into voids. I guess August isn't a very exciting month. But good news, there's only two more weeks until I move back to Denton!

Anyway, I decided to talk about things that are currently annoying me.

1. Victoria Justice, of Nickelodeon fame and recently dubbed the next "Teen Queen" by Perez Hilton, was on the cover of September's issue of Teen Vogue. In her interview she was quoted as saying she liked Robert Pattinson because he's "understated hot."

Vicky, I can call you Vicky, right? Right, if every teenage girl and her mom (literally) thinks that some guy who plays a vampire is hot, then it's not understated. In fact, it's the exact opposite. I think your TV show is calling you away from a much needed English class. At the very least, please buy a dictionary. Personally, every time I see R. Patz I want to schedule an appointment with a barber for him so he can get a good shave and a haircut, but whatever floats your boat.
The thing is, I kinda liked her before I read the interview. Now not so much. I don't really think she's stupid, but the interview made her seem vapid and not that bright. Maybe it was just that interview though?

2. Emma Roberts. I'm annoyed by the fact that everyone was all, "Oh, she's Julia Roberts' niece!" like that somehow made her pretty and a great actress. First of all, that's not even her mom. Julia Roberts has actual children that probably look a lot more like her, but we wouldn't know since she moved to the country someplace and Emma's all up in our faces. I don't think Emma looks anything like Julia Roberts, and she definitely did not get her acting chops. I've been annoyed by Emma Roberts' character in every movie she's ever been in, except Blow. And she was like 5 in that movie. She just always sounds whiny and tired and she always plays some annoying teenager who sighs and shuffles around. But if you take the whiny part out, I do like the sound of her voice, it has a nice tone.

On the one hand, if people stopped comparing her to Julia so much, I wouldn't be as annoyed, but on the other, Emma probably wouldn't be as famous if people didn't push that fact. Lose - lose?

3. My mother. I know, I'm really hard-pressed to find times that she annoys me, but I'm really glad that I only have two more weeks of her fascist dictatorship.

Anyway, my best friend and soul sister, Erica, cut her hair and went natural last year. I've been debating going natural since she did it because a) I don't like spending $50 to get my hair relaxed, b) I don't really like the texture of my hair when it's relaxed (It's too straight. I know that's the point, but it's annoyingly so. I like my hair like a month afterwards, when it still looks nice when I flat iron it, but it also holds curls. I digress,) and c) I'm tired of trying to live up to European beauty standards, ie: straight hair, no hips, basically the opposite of Black. I can try as hard as I want to, as long as I want to, and I'm never going to have Jennifer Aniston's hair (unless I get a sick weave.) I especially want to go natural before I have kids (but that's not happening anywhere in the near future.) I just don't want to have a daughter and tell her to love herself the way God made her, and then blow $100 trying to make my hair be straight. It's hypocritical, and the one thing I hate more than just about everything else (I hate a lot of things,) is hypocrisy.

So I was talking to my mom about it. In retrospect, I guess I did say, "Erica said," a lot, but she overreacted in my opinion. She was just super angry, and she yelled a little, but what really gets me is that she told me "to think for myself."

What the what?

First of all, I have never been a blind follower of anything. Usually, I'm so against being with the masses that I actually hate things that are too popular (*coughcoughTwilightcoughcough*) Second of all, just because I respect someone else's opinion and happen to reiterate it to make a point, doesn't mean that I'm not thinking and forming my own opinion. Yes, I like to talk to others, but no, they aren't doing my thinking for me.

She says basically the same thing when I talk about Heritage too. She asks if I'm in a cult and tells me to read my Bible. I do read my Bible. And I've found entire chapters devoted to what's kosher and what isn't, even if it is in the Old Testament which apparently, we're not supposed to follow, just keep for history which makes no fucking sense, and I've never seen anything in the New Testament that even suggests that Jesus says we can eat pork. That is you, making up rules based on one verse that says nothing about meat, and then trying to make me do what you want.

I'm off topic again. It just really makes me mad that any time I do anything that isn't something she approves of, I'm a sheep, but it doesn't apply to the 18 years I did everything she said.

At any rate, in a perfect world, my hair would be like Thandie Newton's.

But she is half White. It's still cute though. I actually have no idea what my natural hair looks like since I get a relaxer every 4 months. Maybe it does curl.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hair Care

Lately, I've been obsessed with watching hair and makeup tutorials on youtube. I'm not really a beauty type girl, I usually just stick to clothes, but Gertie made me want to try victory rolls.

My mom thinks they're hideous, but I like it. Maybe not on me, but I haven't tried it. YET.

Anyway, I found this video about Black men's opinions on natural vs. relaxed hair. And basically, it comes down to preference, which I totally get. I don't think most men care what a girl's hair looks like as long as she keeps it clean and healthy, (but there is a biological/psychological basis for guys liking long hair. See, in prehistoric times, a woman with long, shiny hair was considered a better mate since her hair was a good indicator of health. Technology may have advanced, but people haven't.) I prefer blue eyed men. It doesn't mean I won't talk to a guy with another colored eyes, I'm just initially slightly more attracted to that particular color. Now apply it to hair! Anthony likes long hair on girls, but my hair's not long. Yay personal preference! At any rate, I made the mistake of reading the comments.

Sidenote: This is why I hate sites like youtube, facebook, and the like. People feel like they can say anything they want because they're sitting at home at their computer and not face to face. I'm willing to bet money if any Black women were around or even just the woman whoever this is insulted was present, he/she (I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman, but I think it's a boy) would have NEVER said any of these things. Cyberbullying sucks.

Just to check that someone hadn't attacked this person first, I went back a couple of pages and no one really said anything insulting to whoever this is. Some girl made a comment that she likes her relaxers, he or she called that girl a bitch and said that men don't like fake relaxed hair and that Black people are the only people who gets weaves and relaxers, then someone else said that Black people are most definitely not the only people who get weaves/relaxers and that her hair was healthy, and he/she posted this.

Aside from the fact that I hate cyberbullying and bad grammar and this post had both, this person is obviously racist. "Your hair wasn't made straight for a reason." Do you even know what that reason is? Exactly. Black people don't even know why their hair has kinky curls. I heard or read somewhere that it's to protect our heads from the sun in the desert, and when I googled it, something about the distribution of lipids popped up. "A black women's hair was never ment to be straight." Obviously not, but since we do have the technology/equipment to do it, who are you to declare it disgraceful? People's skin wasn't made permanently marked or full of decorative holes, doesn't mean people aren't going to get tatoos or piercings.

The part that mega pisses me off is the whole white girls were raised to love their hair schtick because it's complete bullshit. I know a white blonde girl who straightens her hair before she goes to bed and then again in the morning before she goes to school. Another white girl I know has beautiful, dark, curly hair, it's the perfect spiral curly, and she straightens her hair every morning despite her mom telling her not to and people like me fawning all over the curly version when she wears it that way. Women, white, black, around and in-between dye their hair. There's a technique called "Japanese hair straightening" that uses heat and chemicals to make hair straight (and Japanese people have straight hair for the most part. This makes it damn straight.) And black women are not the only people getting weaves. White girls just call them "extensions."

Women of all races are taught to manage and manipulate their hair to achieve the most attractive style possible. While attractive isn't universally level, we learn to shampoo, condition, and style whatever we've got whatever type it is. While the relaxer is a super super bad way to "manage" hair, it's still a method of straightening the really kinky roots that a flat iron just can't reach. And while I firmly hold the belief that relaxers started as a method to try and cure Black self-loathing, (another, longer blog post entirely) most Black women get them now because their mothers took them to get one. Like me. I don't necessarily hate my nappy hair. I just get relaxers because my mom made me and now it's the only way I know how to do my hair. It's just passed down now.

The point is, if men didn't find relaxers somewhat attractive and actively tried not to procreate with women who got relaxers like this same youtube user said in another comment, women wouldn't get them. Or maybe they would because they want to feel attractive and they don't give a damn if a man likes it or not.

Either way, dear WizardPrinceBreon, stop being a jerk about something you obviously know nothing about. If you want to comment that you personally don't like the relaxed look, fine. I'll even accept your racist ideology for the purpose of blog posts, but don't speak for everyone, your race or otherwise, and try to keep the name calling/cursing to a minimum. It's unattractive.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Food Porn!

I promised, didn't I?

This is my first attempt at a baseball cake for Cassandra's birthday. I hate it! For some reason, it split and cracked. :(

This is why I hate cake! It's so hard!

My second attempt looked much better, but the actual cake was gross. After I ruined the first cake, I immediately made the second one, then Gabe wanted to change the date of the party. So I froze this cake, and as a result, it was gross when I pulled it out and frosted it a week later. I still hate cake.

Parmesan chicken! It's delicious. I'm most definitely making this my "signature dish."

French bread. I love bread. Bread and toast. Bread and toast with butter. Carbs be damned, bread is delicious, and I'm officially obsessed with baking bread. That's also lasagna in the upper left hand corner.

I've also made breaded chicken with mozzarella, which is kind of a variation of the Parmesan chicken, but everyone in my family loved the breaded chicken more. They're weird though.

I've also decided that anything "Italian" aka with pasta of some sort is the best food that I can make. Also, I like farfalle (bow tie) pasta better than regular spaghetti. And angel hair pasta is a bitch.

Anyway, I want to bake cupcakes for profit rather than get an actual part time job, but my friend Erica said that I probably wouldn't make enough to make a living, and I'm very easily discouraged. I don't necessarily need enough money to "make a living" like pay rent and buy groceries, but I definitely could use extra. Would it be worth it to try the cupcake biz or should I just suck it up and apply at McDonald's?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I was checking my blog roll, and I realized that I haven't posted a new blog in over a week. What is the world coming too? In case you were wondering what's more important that updating complete strangers (and some friends) on the obscure details of my life, they are as follows:


I've been sleeping a lot lately. A lot. I get up at 7 AM, go for a run, come home and eat breakfast, feel like I can conquer the world, and then go back to be at 11. It's annoying. I think there might be something wrong with me. I literally feel exhausted, but I'm not really doing anything. Anthony says that boredom just might be making me sleepy, but I really think that I have a problem. My mom suggested that I start taking vitamins, so I'll try that.

Reading blogs.

Mostly this one. I'm in love with this woman, I swear. For the people who aren't going to click on the link, she's Gertie. She bought a vintage Vogue sewing book, and she's sewing her way through all 14 patterns. If you didn't know, sewing and clothes are like crack for me, so I've gone all the way back to the beginning of her blog to obsess over her work. Her Blog for Better Sewing (see what I did, I linked it twice. Click it.) is amazing, and after tediously pouring over her posts, I've learned three valuable things.
  1. I love vintage fashion. Lovelovelove, which is me-speak for obsessed with. I would say that I was born in the wrong decade, but black people weren't treated very nicely in the '50s/'60s, and it wouldn't be socially acceptable for me to be with Anthony, so I think I was born in the right period. I can still dress like them right?
  2. Gorgeous Fabrics is my new online mecca. When I don't have any money, you'll know why.
  3. As much as I like vintage clothing, I can't use vintage patterns to re-create them for me because vintage patterns do not like fat people. Gertie suggests searching by your bust size; mine is 45, and all the patterns I found that would fit me were for the '70s. Lame sauce. I'm not very fond of the '70s/'80s.

I would totally pull a Julie/Julia style thing for Gertie and I and sewing except for the aforementioned not being able to find patterns in my size and the Vogue book that she's using is from 1952 so the cheapest copy I could find was $49.99. I'll follow her in spirit though. I'm definitely inspired.


I'm still cooking. I mentioned before how excited I was that my parents were buying me cookware. I guess that's what I'll do next blog, post pictures of the food I've made. Food porn!

Anyway, less than 3 weeks and I'll be back in Denton!!! I can't wait! Oh, I'm also adding a class or two since I just have to graduate in May 2012, so that'll be fun. I don't think the exhaustion thing will be getting any better though.

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