Monday, July 12, 2010

'Cuz That's Real Attractive (Part 2)

Math is/was my worst subject. I cried when I had to learn how to multiply, I cried when I had to take pre-algebra, and I cried in statistics (although, I did get highest average in my algebra 2 class my junior year. I don't get it either.) That horrible relationship with math makes my relationship with Anthony even more ironic and wrong because he's a math major (I don't get that either...)

But today, I think I officially beat my own stupidity level by proving that I can't even count.

Anthony and I are talking on the phone (this is only what I remember though.)

Me: "I'm mad at you."

Anthony: "Why?"

Me: "What was Saturday?"

Anthony: "The day before Sunday?"

Me: "Yes, and?"

Anthony: "Shabbat?"

Me: "Sure, but what makes it significant?"

Anthony, very confused: "I don't know."

Me: "It was our half-anniversary!"

Anthony: "The 11th was yesterday."

Me: "...Today is the 13th?"

I forgot, not only do I not know how to count, I don't even know the days of the month. o_0

Anthony: "No, it's the 12th. And happy 5 month anniversary."

Me: "It's six."

Anthony: "No, it's not."

Then we argue for a couple more minutes because I refuse to admit that I'm wrong. I thought January to June was 6 months so February to July should totally be 6 months, right? But apparently, June is the 6th month and not necessarily 6 months away from January.

I bet she knows what day it is.

Pin-up girls are cute. Only the vintagey ones though.

So you don't feel too sorry for Anthony, a little later I admitted that I'm stupid, and we had this conversation:

Me: "Well, either way, you didn't say happy anniversary."

Anthony: "I didn't in June either."

Me: "You should, it's important."

Anthony: "I'm not supposed to remember those things, I'm a boy."

Me: "Why do you always say that when you disappoint me?"

Like I can talk. I'm a retard. If I were Anthony, I definitely would have stabbed me by now, so mad props to him.

Happy 5 Month Anniversary, Tony!

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  1. Well, it's a good thing you're not me, then. :P


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