Monday, July 19, 2010

I May Not Be Able To Count

But I can definitely count down. It's been two weeks. Teyanna should be gone.

I am officially ready to murder her as of yesterday. Erica and Gabby came to pick me up for Girls' Night Out, but it just so happened to be my night to do the dishes. My dad asked Teyanna to do the dishes for me.

That bitch asked him for more money.

My dad just gave all of us $20. Literally, that morning he gave Brooklyn, Teyanna, and I a $20 bill.

Needless to say, I almost slapped the taste out of her mouth. I am a spoiled brat. I'm okay saying it.* But I do my chores around the house. I cook dinner twice a week, I wash dishes three times a week, I clean my room once a week (maybe. I'm not so good at that one,) I clean the bathroom that I share with my sister twice a week, and once every two weeks, my dad gives me $20.

Teyanna has stayed here two weeks and all she's done is use our showers, eat our food (and I can say "our" food because she's eaten the stuff I've bought too), sleep in my bed, get on the Internet, have her sister spend the night over here (her sister isn't really related to us since she's Teyanna's mom's with some guy who isn't my brother. Even more confusing right?) watch my movies (and leave them all over the floor for me to find when I got back from Denton,) and read my journal. And she wants extra money for washing the dishes once?

Naturally, I couldn't say anything, but my dad cut me off and then made her wash dishes, but my mom was talking this morning about me making a list of things I need for the apartment/school and she said Teyanna needed to make a list too. So they're also buying her school supplies and clothes.

Ungrateful bitch. Get out of my bed.

*And me admitting that I have everything and trashing other people who act like assholes is okay right? Because Teyanna and my sister act so entitled, it makes me want to stab a baby.


  1. You probably shouldn't stab babies. I foresee a lot of blood, noise, and police. And angry mothers.

  2. LOL...
    You shouldn't let other people's problems bother you. We're all human. I don't know if you pray, but that's the least you could do for them.
    This was funny.

  3. She wrote 'sewing machine' on her list of school supplies, and my mom's buying her one. o_0 My parents didn't even buy my sewing machine. They made me pay for it because they didn't think I needed one.


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