Sunday, April 18, 2010

Actual Art

Since the title of my blog suggests that I craft, (which I do, but it is rare and usually associated with whatever art class I'm currently taking) I'm actually posting art! I'm in beginning watercolor right now and I love it! We had to do paintings in a series, and I painted fabric. A girl in my class said I should hang them in my house and tell people that I like cloth. :)

My series was entitled, "Stash" since that's what the craftsters call their collections of fabric, yarn, or other art supplies. From left to right they are "Acquire," "Accumulate," and "Hoard," which accurately describes my process of getting fabric. They're all 22" by 30" on cold-press Arches. And the little ones on the bottom are the thumbnails and are 11" by 15".




Accumulate is totally my favorite, but my professor like Hoard because of the random zipper. She also said Hoard has better variety of direction. Hoard also has the most prints, but I just love the solid colors and shadows in Accumulate. Acquire is the least interesting because most of the fabric is flat, so it doesn't have the interesting dips and folds, and the shadows don't look deep enough.

I guess that's all for now.

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