Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girl Hot vs. Guy Hot

When I was in junior high, this one girl called me a lesbian (And she recently sent me a friend request on Facebook. Don't you hate that? We are so not friends.) Since I'm not sexually attracted to women, in theory I'd be a very bad lesbian, so her accusation is false.

Since taking figure drawing and art history, I've determined that I just have a greater appreciation for the female body, and it's totally okay. Women are the subject of pretty much every artist ever because girls are better. The end.

Anthony and I have different opinions about everything. Including women.

For instance, Anthony thinks Demi Lovato is cute.

I can't stand to look at her for too long. Something about her face makes me angry. I don't know what or why.

Instead I choose:

Emma Watson. She's beautiful, English (yeah, that makes a difference,) and fashion forward. And not dating Joe Jonas, who has dated every other Disney girl (I thought Ennis was bad for sloppy seconds, but the Disney kids totally win the icky dating pool contest. The Jonas brothers alone are like sloppy fifth or sixths.)

Next, Anthony thinks Lady Gaga is "pretty."

I think she looks like a drag queen. Aside from the fact that I think she tries to be weird for weird's sake, I'm pretty sure she's a man. If I'm ever close to her hands, I will use a trick I learned from Manswers to see if her ring finger is longer than her pointer finger and determine that I am right and that Anthony has bad taste in pretty (excluding me, if he does think I'm pretty.)

This is the only "blonde" Anthony chose (He has a thing for tall, skinny brunettes.) I say if you're going to go blonde...

Go for the blonde, Heidi Klum. Anthony doesn't think she's that attractive, but she's had 4 kids and after each she just bounces right back to her model body. It kinda makes me hate her, but she's so cute in addition to hot.

I asked Anthony if he could sleep with any celebrity, who would it be and he picked either Anne Hathaway or Liv Tyler. And that's how I know he likes brunettes. According to Allure, a person's answer to that question is their physical type (I choose John Cusack. I might have better taste in women. My second choice is Nacho Figueras. You're welcome.)

I'll give him both of these. But I'm also going to pick:

Sarah Jessica Parker. She actually won "Least Sexiest Woman" either last year or the year before that, but I love her. I think she's beautiful, and my opinion is the best. Besides, if she's not sexy, why in the world is Carrie Bradshaw getting some every single day?

Maybe I'm just in love with the clothes...

Finally, if I were a lesbian, I would be all over...

Scarlett Johansson. She looks good with any hair color (But I love the blonde.) She's a good actress. If Anthony and I agreed on anything, I would think it would be the glory that is Scarlett, but nope. Come on. Issaac Mizrahi is gay, and he even took the opportunity to feel her up. Watch!

Ryan Reynolds be dammed!

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  1. First off, those are bad pictures of Anne Hathoway and Liv Tyler. :/

    AND... I only think Lady Gaga is a little pretty. I mostly think she's a musical genius and has a beautiful voice.

    And, also, do not be deceived. I have said before that Demi Lovato is pretty, but she is not the prettiest at all. Emma Watson is beautiful, which I would not classify Demi as. :P


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