Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Been Another Week

Already. And there's nothing new or exciting on the home front. I'm not alone though, many of my favorite bloggers have lapsed into voids. I guess August isn't a very exciting month. But good news, there's only two more weeks until I move back to Denton!

Anyway, I decided to talk about things that are currently annoying me.

1. Victoria Justice, of Nickelodeon fame and recently dubbed the next "Teen Queen" by Perez Hilton, was on the cover of September's issue of Teen Vogue. In her interview she was quoted as saying she liked Robert Pattinson because he's "understated hot."

Vicky, I can call you Vicky, right? Right, if every teenage girl and her mom (literally) thinks that some guy who plays a vampire is hot, then it's not understated. In fact, it's the exact opposite. I think your TV show is calling you away from a much needed English class. At the very least, please buy a dictionary. Personally, every time I see R. Patz I want to schedule an appointment with a barber for him so he can get a good shave and a haircut, but whatever floats your boat.
The thing is, I kinda liked her before I read the interview. Now not so much. I don't really think she's stupid, but the interview made her seem vapid and not that bright. Maybe it was just that interview though?

2. Emma Roberts. I'm annoyed by the fact that everyone was all, "Oh, she's Julia Roberts' niece!" like that somehow made her pretty and a great actress. First of all, that's not even her mom. Julia Roberts has actual children that probably look a lot more like her, but we wouldn't know since she moved to the country someplace and Emma's all up in our faces. I don't think Emma looks anything like Julia Roberts, and she definitely did not get her acting chops. I've been annoyed by Emma Roberts' character in every movie she's ever been in, except Blow. And she was like 5 in that movie. She just always sounds whiny and tired and she always plays some annoying teenager who sighs and shuffles around. But if you take the whiny part out, I do like the sound of her voice, it has a nice tone.

On the one hand, if people stopped comparing her to Julia so much, I wouldn't be as annoyed, but on the other, Emma probably wouldn't be as famous if people didn't push that fact. Lose - lose?

3. My mother. I know, I'm really hard-pressed to find times that she annoys me, but I'm really glad that I only have two more weeks of her fascist dictatorship.

Anyway, my best friend and soul sister, Erica, cut her hair and went natural last year. I've been debating going natural since she did it because a) I don't like spending $50 to get my hair relaxed, b) I don't really like the texture of my hair when it's relaxed (It's too straight. I know that's the point, but it's annoyingly so. I like my hair like a month afterwards, when it still looks nice when I flat iron it, but it also holds curls. I digress,) and c) I'm tired of trying to live up to European beauty standards, ie: straight hair, no hips, basically the opposite of Black. I can try as hard as I want to, as long as I want to, and I'm never going to have Jennifer Aniston's hair (unless I get a sick weave.) I especially want to go natural before I have kids (but that's not happening anywhere in the near future.) I just don't want to have a daughter and tell her to love herself the way God made her, and then blow $100 trying to make my hair be straight. It's hypocritical, and the one thing I hate more than just about everything else (I hate a lot of things,) is hypocrisy.

So I was talking to my mom about it. In retrospect, I guess I did say, "Erica said," a lot, but she overreacted in my opinion. She was just super angry, and she yelled a little, but what really gets me is that she told me "to think for myself."

What the what?

First of all, I have never been a blind follower of anything. Usually, I'm so against being with the masses that I actually hate things that are too popular (*coughcoughTwilightcoughcough*) Second of all, just because I respect someone else's opinion and happen to reiterate it to make a point, doesn't mean that I'm not thinking and forming my own opinion. Yes, I like to talk to others, but no, they aren't doing my thinking for me.

She says basically the same thing when I talk about Heritage too. She asks if I'm in a cult and tells me to read my Bible. I do read my Bible. And I've found entire chapters devoted to what's kosher and what isn't, even if it is in the Old Testament which apparently, we're not supposed to follow, just keep for history which makes no fucking sense, and I've never seen anything in the New Testament that even suggests that Jesus says we can eat pork. That is you, making up rules based on one verse that says nothing about meat, and then trying to make me do what you want.

I'm off topic again. It just really makes me mad that any time I do anything that isn't something she approves of, I'm a sheep, but it doesn't apply to the 18 years I did everything she said.

At any rate, in a perfect world, my hair would be like Thandie Newton's.

But she is half White. It's still cute though. I actually have no idea what my natural hair looks like since I get a relaxer every 4 months. Maybe it does curl.


  1. I'm not allowed to go natural, lol. I still have nightmares about all the combs that have broken apart in my hair during my youth. However, I do toy with the idea of locs...they just take entirely too long to get cute. The simple fact that you can wait 4 months between relaxers means your road to natural is paved with far less broken combs than mine....

  2. Lol, do you get a relaxer every month?

  3. I think your hair does curl, Essence... I'm just not sure it will curl like that. :P

  4. Lame. I want that curl. THAT ONE.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Every 6 weeks. By the 5th week my roots have turned on me and refuse to be tamed by my Chi iron. As a matter of fact, next week is definitely time to chemical up the scalp again, lol


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