Sunday, August 1, 2010


I was checking my blog roll, and I realized that I haven't posted a new blog in over a week. What is the world coming too? In case you were wondering what's more important that updating complete strangers (and some friends) on the obscure details of my life, they are as follows:


I've been sleeping a lot lately. A lot. I get up at 7 AM, go for a run, come home and eat breakfast, feel like I can conquer the world, and then go back to be at 11. It's annoying. I think there might be something wrong with me. I literally feel exhausted, but I'm not really doing anything. Anthony says that boredom just might be making me sleepy, but I really think that I have a problem. My mom suggested that I start taking vitamins, so I'll try that.

Reading blogs.

Mostly this one. I'm in love with this woman, I swear. For the people who aren't going to click on the link, she's Gertie. She bought a vintage Vogue sewing book, and she's sewing her way through all 14 patterns. If you didn't know, sewing and clothes are like crack for me, so I've gone all the way back to the beginning of her blog to obsess over her work. Her Blog for Better Sewing (see what I did, I linked it twice. Click it.) is amazing, and after tediously pouring over her posts, I've learned three valuable things.
  1. I love vintage fashion. Lovelovelove, which is me-speak for obsessed with. I would say that I was born in the wrong decade, but black people weren't treated very nicely in the '50s/'60s, and it wouldn't be socially acceptable for me to be with Anthony, so I think I was born in the right period. I can still dress like them right?
  2. Gorgeous Fabrics is my new online mecca. When I don't have any money, you'll know why.
  3. As much as I like vintage clothing, I can't use vintage patterns to re-create them for me because vintage patterns do not like fat people. Gertie suggests searching by your bust size; mine is 45, and all the patterns I found that would fit me were for the '70s. Lame sauce. I'm not very fond of the '70s/'80s.

I would totally pull a Julie/Julia style thing for Gertie and I and sewing except for the aforementioned not being able to find patterns in my size and the Vogue book that she's using is from 1952 so the cheapest copy I could find was $49.99. I'll follow her in spirit though. I'm definitely inspired.


I'm still cooking. I mentioned before how excited I was that my parents were buying me cookware. I guess that's what I'll do next blog, post pictures of the food I've made. Food porn!

Anyway, less than 3 weeks and I'll be back in Denton!!! I can't wait! Oh, I'm also adding a class or two since I just have to graduate in May 2012, so that'll be fun. I don't think the exhaustion thing will be getting any better though.

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