Monday, August 16, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

It's times like these I wish I drank. Although, drinking to forget problems and pass the time seem like the quick road to alcholism, so I think I'm okay with not drinking.

At any rate, I'm anxious. I'm anxious a lot, actually, but usually I just get angry, rant, and feel better. But today is different because I've realized that I am officially the most pathetic person on the face of planet Earth. I'm anxious, and I realized that I can't talk to anyone about this. Or rather that the only person that I should be talking to about this doesn't want to talk to me.

But the real cherry on this pathetic sundae is the tears. I don't cry a lot, but the past three days I have hit deplorable levels of Bella Swan-esque blubbering. Seriously? I need a life. Or at the very least a time consuming hobby. Being a girl sucks. What's with this need to talk to someone?

On a lighter note, I was burning a piece of paper for an art project, and I think I have a hidden pyromaniac streak.


  1. Though I have absolutely no idea what it is that you're going through, I can guarantee you that there are people out there who are more pathetic than you--I'm pretty sure I've been one of them! It's super easy to feel like you're about as important as a bottom feeder, but that's just because the truth is often a lot more difficult to see and believe. All it takes is a solid belief in yourself to get the ball rolling (I know, so much easier said than done... But it's worth the effort of convincing yourself that you're awesome. Trust me!).

    As for a hobby, you should take up knitting and make me a hat. :D Or just find random things that you like and make a project out of it each week. For me, my first project is going to be to make a light-shade out of an old/cheap book. Just find something you want, research it, and make it!

  2. Nicholas, I'm totally making you a hat.


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