Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'd like to pretend that my lack of posting has to do with the fact that I moved, but that's only part of it. Really it's because I can't think of anything to post about. I've moved in, I love my apartment, I get to hang out with Anthony again, and my parents are gone, so everything's pretty sweet. I guess there are some little things I could discuss...

  1. I went to a part-time job fair on campus because I need a job. I swear everyone has a job but me. The job that I super duper want is being a Girl Scout troop leader of sorts. I love Girl Scouts. I was one for 13 years, and even though I never earned my Gold Award, I still like cookies.
  2. My car's broken. Again. I really need that thing to run, partially because the job I want requires me to drive and partially because I like driving myself to the library (I like to go by myself so I don't have to wait on other people and so I can browse to my heart's content,) and the store because I also don't like shopping with other people. They always want to stick together and walk around the whole damn store in a group when it is so much faster and efficient for me to walk away, get my crap, and then find them. I am such a loner sometimes.
  3. I only have $200 in my account, but I still need one textbook and two art kits. My parents got the check for my financial aid, but they won't just deposit it because they think I'm irresponsible with my money (which I probably am, but I need crap.) This is another reason I need a job. I hate calling my parents when I need money because then I have to explain what I need it for (um, snacks at the movies, gas, and fast food. Sometimes a dress, but mostly semi-necessary things.) I'm going to try to go to one of those money management things our school has and keep a real budget to send to them so they see that I'm not a complete money retard (I'll admit that I'm fairly impulsive when it comes to spending cash, but sometimes, I just want to buy clothes. It's not like I'm buying Prada either, I'm at Target. Sue me.)
  4. I accidentally left my watercolor palette on the dashboard of my car during the move (it was a convenient place for it since my car was full and it was less likely to tip over up there,) and it warped and all my watercolors dried up. And a new palette will cost at least $20, and that doesn't even cover the cost of the paint itself.
  5. I'm still not done unpacking. I need to hang up some of my wall art and I want to buy some of those magazine holders, but I'd need to buy the picture hanging strips and the magazine holders too which is more money! It even costs to get organized.
  6. My senior year of high school, I refused to weigh myself for some math project, and we ended up not being able to do the project because I wouldn't, but I knew if I weighed myself I would feel bad and get anxious and obsessive because that's how I roll. Well, for some reason on Tuesday, I thought it would be a great idea to weigh myself on one of those scales in the mall while Anthony was using the restroom. I weigh 225 pounds. Then the scale gave me my lottery numbers and a fortune. Guess what my fortune was? "Exercise to be healthy." Damn scale is an asshole. Anyway, I checked my BMI with that weight, and I am obese, and I'd have to lose 65 pounds to be considered healthy (you see what I mean about obsessive?) But I lack the will power to actually do anything about it, so I just end up eating whatever and then feeling bad because I know it contributes to the 225 pounds.
  7. Lastly, the Mean Green Fling was yesterday, which is like a big fair where they give away free crap that you don't really want, food, and the occasional T-shirt. Well, I was in line for a T-shirt, and the lady handing them out said, "This is the last large!" and held it up, and this guy walks up and takes it. He wasn't even in line, and I was obviously reaching for the shirt. Chivalry is officially dead if a guy won't even let a girl have the last free T-shirt. I ended up with an XL, I can sew it down if I need to, but I'm still mad at that jerk.
I like how I said that everything was okay, but then proceeded to complain about life. I guess these things don't really bother me that much. Although the money/job ones have the potential to spiral.

I suppose it's only fair to make a list of things I've loved so far:
  1. Hanging out with Anthony every day. I don't mean to sound like we're one of those creepy super lovey dovey couples who can't live without each other, but I love being around him.
  2. Having my own room/bathroom. I don't like to wear pants, but it was awkward to be naked in the dorms. Now I'm free!
  3. I got a bicycle to ride around campus! I still need to get a parking pass, so I don't think I'll be riding until next week though.
  4. My roommates and I had a steak dinner to celebrate moving in, and the roomie saying the prayer used the term "kick-ass." I laughed until I cried, and I still giggle thinking about it.
  5. I'm taking screenprinting, weaving, and English this semester. I better have the highest GPA I've ever had.
  6. I got a pedicure with Cassandra, Mary, and one of Mary's friends on Monday. My toes are "Aztec Orange."
  7. I don't have class on Fridays! This is part of the reason I really really want a job, but if I get the Girl Scout job, I still won't have to work/go to class on Fridays.
  8. I'm back at Heritage! I seriously love that church and those people to death. I am never leaving again.
  9. Oh, and I have 13 followers! To loosely quote Professor Trelawney, "When 13 blog together, the first to leave is the first to die." Okay, so she was talking about dining at a table of 13, but I'd like all of you to keep following me and terror seems like a good tool for that. Obscure Harry Potter references for the win!


  1. Hush about your weight. I honestly don't care, and I don't even really notice. You're you and that's all that matters. If you would like to lose some weight, I'll help and stop buying you random sodas, but only if you want to and not because your mother, your sister, or some random old lady wants you to.

  2. glad to hear you're enjoying your new place and your independence!

    good luck with the car and the job hunt.

    & i've enjoyed following your blog so far !
    you should follow back :)

  3. I'll send you my measurements, you make me pretty clothes, I pay you pretty money.

    No? Maybe? Ok we will think about it.

    And don't worry about the car thing. Mine stars when it wants to and the "check engine" light never ever EVER turns off.


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