Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last night, I was chillin' in our living room watching Glee (I bought the whole 1st season on DVD!) No one else was home, so I was wearing pajama bottoms and eating cookies and singing, and then Hanna walked in with Ben and Taylor. Mind you, I like Ben and Taylor, and I don't have a problem with people hanging out at our apartment, but it was midnight. And I was wearing pajama bottoms. And if that wasn't enough, they came in, sat at the bar, and started talking loudly like I wasn't sitting there trying to watch TV. I was going to bed after I finished that episode anyway, so I just turned it off and went to my room, but it's just now striking me how incredibly rude that was. Sure, Hanna lives here too, and she invited you over, but that doesn't mean that me sitting in the dark watching Glee is less important than Ben's story about how someone said he had Justin Bieber hair.

My friend Jeffrey did the same thing last week, only it was during the season premiere of Glee. He came over to study with Cassandra, then talked to Hanna over Glee while I was trying to pay attention (which is doubly rude because Hanna is the roommate who told us we'd "have to be quiet in an hour" because her favorite show was coming on.) So I missed most of the dialogue at the beginning of Glee, but then Jeff left to pick up Cassandra from class, and I got to watch some of the episode in silence. Then Jeff walks in with Cassandra, Richard, and Gabe. And they proceeded to talk all over the last half of the episode because I had to explain what was going on. So they kept studying and I kept watching TV, but I ended up getting into a sound war with Richard because he wouldn't stop talking to Cassandra even though she was reading a book (I also hate it when people talk to you while you're reading.) Then Jeffrey tried to pull an attitude with me, asking if there was a subtitle option, to which I replied, "Is there a shut the fuck up option?" because I was getting pissed. But then Jeff said, "Well, you knew we were in here studying."

Um, two things. 1) I pay $450 to live here, so I'll watch TV whenever I feel like it, wherever I feel like it. 2) It wasn't like I came in while they were studying and just turned the TV on to make noise. I was watching TV before they even got there, so technically, they're interrupting me. I'm super pissed because Jeff wasn't even quiet during my favorite show, the only one that I even bother to watch live, but he expects me to respect his physics homework?

So Jeff, if you want to be someplace quiet while you're studying, go to the damn library. Or to your house, which you pay for. Don't invade my space and then claim that because Cassandra invited you over that it's okay for you to be an ass.

And for a sweet end to a bitter post:

I made a chocolate bundt cake, which actually just reminds me of something that's also a little bitter. Apparently, you're supposed to cut off the bottom of the cake. I now know this because three, not one or two, but three different people yelled at me when I put the cake on the cake plate. And even though my mother, who also makes the most amazing pound cakes, said it was fine to leave the bottom on, the yellers just had to "help" me ice my cake the "right" way because it's "prettier" without the bottom. Me being corrected has also happened with Jeffrey while we were making pasta.

So y'all know, I can cook. Probably more than you can since I made dinner three nights a week for a family of four (sometimes five) the entire summer. I've also made bread and pizza from scratch, and I made cupcakes every week for at least two months. I do not need your suggestions on how long to boil pasta or how to decorate my cake, thankyouverymuch. My way is just different from yours, and if you don't like it, get out of the kitchen. Keep your suggestions to yourself, because there is nothing wrong with what I'm doing, and if there is, I'll figure it out. K? Thnx.

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