Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear iTunes,

Dear iTunes,

Why must you update yourself every millisecond? I notice absolutely no difference between iTunes version 9.99999 and 10.0. I think you're the exactly the same and you just enjoy inconveniencing music lovers everywhere. Does it make you happy that I can't browse millions of songs and potentially purchase a Top 40 hit?

And if you are going to need to be updated, could you find a simpler way to do it? Every time you try to automatically update, you fail. Repeatedly. Then I have to go the actual Apple website and manually download you. And this time you're not even downloading manually. All I want to do is buy a Katy Perry song, and this is entirely too much work for "Teenage Dream," even if it is the #1 single.

I'm just saying, since I pay $1.29 per song, you could show a little decorum, iTunes. Clean yourself up before I figure out how to be a music pirate (which can't happen, as I'm technologically retarded.)

Essence A. Beasley


  1. I use Rhapsody on my IPod. $10/month and unlimited songs. Also I believe we have the same first name (if your name really is Essence) found you on 20sb!

  2. I'm broke. That's why I became a pirate. Aaargh matey! lol


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