Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 1

I found this cool thing online called "30 Days of Truth." It's pretty self-explanatory, and now I don't have to come up with interesting blog topics! Ready?

Day 1 - Something you hate about yourself.

It might surprise people to know that I hate a lot of things about myself. Or not. Maybe you guessed that my extreme narcissism is a facade to hide my vulnerabilities?

But I guess the thing I hate the most is how I react to situations because I do exactly that. I react as opposed to responding. I go with my first instinct, to whine or bitch or throw a tantrum or get angry, rather than taking the time to think and not make an ass of myself.

For everyone I've gone psycho on, I'm sorry, and I totally know that I'm crazy in retrospect. I just need to work on catching it beforehand (Or we could make a group decision to not piss me off, whichever is easier).

Just kidding! Mostly. <---I can't figure out why this one section is underlined?


  1. I have the same problem, but I've been trying to be less over-reactive. It's really hard not to make an ass of oneself when angry or frustrated. I need to learn how to keep my cool and be more patient. -sigh-

  2. Haha, I vote for not pissing you off in the first place! Just kidding. I don't know what to suggest for thism, but I hear counting to 10 works although that doesn't quite work for only delays the reaction.


    P.S. I just started the 30 days of truth myself


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