Friday, December 24, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 3

Day 3 - Something you have to forgive yourself for.

Forgiveness does not come easy for me. It's defined as "ceasing one's resentment against." I'm definitely more comfortable burying my resentments deep inside and remaining bitter for life, and I'm definitely not good at turning the spotlight on myself, but here goes.

Essence, I forgive you for losing your mind over a guy.

I know when you were younger, you promised that you'd never be like the girls from your high school who dated a different guy every week and swore they were in love and talked about marrying some teenager, and you didn't want to be that girl. You wanted to be successful and independent and awesome. You wanted anything besides Ennis, Texas and that's okay too. Your last relationship was a lesson, ma'am. It's okay to like a guy and flirt. It's okay to date someone and trust someone and be vulnerable.

What's not okay is morphing into a Bella Swan-esque harpie and completely losing all of your morals and ethics and whatever freaking means anything to you for nothing. It almost seems fitting that things didn't work out as retribution for being a total ass in high school. But I forgive you.

But now you know. And make sure the next time you lose your shit for a guy, he's fucking worth it.

Some day, someone's going to find all this crazy adorable.


  1. I think all females learn this lesson the hard way. But at least it's a lesson learned!


  2. You like Twilight now? (relating to the Bella Swan reference, haha)

    Glad you've forgiven yourself :)


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