Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Hate Change.

That's why I'm a Republican. Okay, not really, but I really don't like change. I like to make plans and then keep them. I know life rarely works that way, but I believe there's a big difference between modifying plans and changing them.

For example, I planned to live in an apartment. Modifying would be moving into a different apartment under the same lease for the same agreement. Moving into a house after signing a lease with an apartment is change.

I do not want to move into a house. Unlike every other person my age, I do not believe under any circumstances that I am an adult or ready for "grown up" things. I came from a small town where everything was handed to me on a silver platter. I still rely on my parents to pay for everything, and until I can semi-support myself, even just paying my own phone bill, I refuse to even try and pretend that I'm an adult. I wanted the apartment because it seemed like the next logical step from a dorm. We'd be responsible for a few more bills, but it'd be like a dorm with my own bathroom.

I mean, it's a pretty good deal. My roommates are friends with the kid who's parents would be renting us the place, and she agreed to furnish it, make individual leases, work on providing cable and Internet, and credit the amount it would cost to break the lease towards our house rent, but I'm still skeptical. I'm the only one who's never met her, and in addition to hating change, I have trust issues.

One of my biggest problems with it is transportation. The apartment is on a bus route, and buses at NT run from 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM. I wouldn't have to stay on campus if I didn't need to, and the walk is about 5 minutes. The house is not a part of the bus system, so we'd have to drive.

I am under no circumstances walking. Hanna pointed out that I walk around campus every day, but that's the point. According to the pedometer on my phone, I walk an average of 2 miles a day. That doesn't even include the fact that I'm an art major and carrying a couple pounds of art supplies too. I have literally almost passed out on the walk from Hickory Hall to Maple from a combination of the heat and the extra 10 pounds of drawing material. Walking around campus is also not taking consideration for the crazy ass Texas weather. What will happen when it's 100+ degrees? When it's around 30 degrees in the winter? When it rains? The campus almost floods, and I'd have to walk across the highway. I'm terrified of dying in some type of car accident. Also, I don't believe the house is as close to campus as they try to make it seem. I'm pretty sure it's over a mile. In junior high, we were supposed to run a mile in under 11 minutes. I never made it below 15.

So, driving it is. But only Cassandra and I have cars. Parking passes are a couple hundred dollars, and there is never anywhere to park. Ever. Cassandra suggested splitting a parking pass four ways and leaving it in one car, but I'm against that too. I don't want to stay on campus until everyone's finished with class, I'm done at 3 each day. And what if we have jobs? They could split a parking pass among the three of them, but I would want my own, and then inevitably, someone would want to borrow my car. And then I'd have to turn into MegaBitch and tell them that they knew they didn't have a car, so why'd they want to live with no transportation and demand that they walk like they're suggesting I do.

Did I mention that at Gateway, we would get our own bathrooms? My entire life, I've been sharing a bathroom with people who were oblivious to the fact that I need hours to get ready. At home, my sister locks herself in the bathroom and stays in there for an hour or more, even before church. (We leave for church at 8:30 AM, and we get up around 7:00 AM.) I take 20-30 minutes to shower, brush my teeth, and wash my face, and then I did my hair and makeup in my room so that she still had 30-45 minutes to get ready, but if I didn't get up before her, I had to wait until 15 minutes before we had to leave for church. Cassandra and I shower at different times, and she doesn't take more than 10 minutes at our little sink, but if she doesn't shower the night before, and I get up late, we're fighting for sink time because in front of the sink is the only place to do my hair. It's annoying. I was so looking forward to not having to worry about anyone else while I took an hour to do my hair.

Another big issue is that according to the agreement we made with our apartment complex, we'd have to pay the first and last months rent and continue to pay rent until they found someone to fill our spot. That's bullshit, and I do not want to have to look for someone else to live in my room. That is entirely too much work to save $100 a month. With my luck, I'd be the only one with no one taking over their lease, then I'd have to pay $800 for 2 places to live.

I seriously considered not moving even if they decide to move into the house because I've decorated my bedroom in that apartment already, and I planned on living there. It was going to be amazing.

It's going to match the colors of my area rug. :)

Anthony said I can decorate the new room in the house, but I have no idea what that space looks like. I really did have the entire thing planned out for the apartment. I added all the stuff I wanted online to shopping carts, and I was going to buy them over time during the summer. Now it's ruined. But I talked to my dad, and he would rather I move into the house than live with strangers.

It also really pisses me off that now that there's a "better" deal, they're acting like an apartment is just the worst thing ever and this house is going to be our Mecca. None of them were worried about living around other people, those people making noise, and the $435 a month before. If it was fine before, it's fine now.

And if we do move into her house, I would want everything that Gateway is providing. I want it fully furnished, I want cable and Internet provided, and I want to live in the garage that has been turned into a "media room" as my bedroom, even though I think Lexie wants it.

The whole thing is really stressing me out because like I said, I don't like change. I understand that the cheaper the better for Lexie and Hanna. Price is at the bottom of my concerns because both my parents work and won't let me become a hobo. My dad says that this is why he didn't want me to live with three other people, but a one person apartment is like $900 and a two person is around $600 per person, and that is not cheaper than living in the dorms.

So although I am dead set against it, if the other three decide to move, I'll follow them. But I'll resent it. And they can't borrow my car.


  1. DAMN, housing where you are is CHEAP. A one person apartment here starts at $900 and goes upwards. Two bedroom anything generally starts around $1600 and goes upwards.

    Housing is seriously the biggest asspain of my life.

  2. PS - I hope you didn't take any offense to my housing/almost housemate rant post. As long as you're not screwing anyone over, it's okay! And as long as you're not bitching to me about your parents doing stuff like that, it's okay too. :P

  3. I'm not offended. The apartment that we signed a lease with is a student apartment complex, so you have to be enrolled in school and they're nice(ish) to us. It's $435 each for that and there are 4 of us. The 1 person ones are like $1000.

    And we're actually getting a super discount on the house because we're friends with the landlady's son. :)

    It is an asspain! But I think we're moving into the house.


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