Friday, May 7, 2010

You Know What I Don't Like?

Have you ever wanted something but had no idea where you'd buy it in an actual store? Did you immediately think "Ebay! Ebay has random crap!" and proceed to search endlessly for the perfect product? Did you find the item you wanted buried under twelve billion pages of ridiculous nonsense, bid twice the amount the seller requested just to make sure there was no way you could lose the auction, and still end up being outbid at the last second?

This happens every time I want something arbitrary; therefore, eBay is of the devil.

Think about it: Something that sounds great but really screws you. I have never won an auction. It seems like every time I offer to buy something that no one else has bid on at all, it immediately becomes a hot commodity. Does eBay have some kind of feature that's like, "To see what other people bid on and decide that you want it also so you can mess up their hopes and dreams, click here!"

Remember those sweater clips I mentioned bidding on while I was supposed to be writing an English paper? I checked back today and not only was I no longer highest bidder, several people decided to war on something that had previous to my bid, no offers.

The set of sweater clips on the left started out at $4.00 plus $2.95 S&H. The set on the right started at $9.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Guess what the prices are now? $12.00 and $19.99, respectively. I just wanted sweater clips so I could dress like Emma from Glee! Is that really too much to ask?

It seems like I'm doing all of the dirty work for these creepers to swoop in and steal my findings. I believe the sellers of eBay should pay me for doing such a service. They're getting triple the money just because I reallyreally want sweater clips.

I re-bid, and I'm currently the highest bidder for both, but since I never win auctions, I'm just glad I jacked up the price on the jerks who steal my hopes of looking cute with a cardigan. ENJOY THEM.

P. S. - I'm making a resolution to only buy from the 'Buy it now' category. I can't lose, motherbitches!

P.P.S. - I also hate iTunes.


  1. LMAO! I completely agree! I had my hopes dashed when I attempted to purchase a fabulously huge Dooney and Bourke Safari bag! My feelings were so pained that I've never tried bidding again!!!


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