Friday, May 28, 2010

Relationship Woes and Criminal Minds

Bailey (my best frannnnn) doesn't like it when I talk about Anthony. I can tell because Bay has the worst habit of outright ignoring anything she doesn't want to talk about. I noticed and purposely said something about him. Bailey said, "Does it smell like tea to you?" (We were driving with the windows down, and it did.)
I've kinda always been proud of the fact that I have better things to talk about than just my significant other. Granted, I've only dated one other person. But while we were dating, I avoided any conversation about him, mostly because it made me uncomfortable and I knew it was annoying. I actually stopped talking to a couple friends while in high school because all they did was sit around and tell the same 3 stories about their boyfriends (and now, none of them are dating anymore which is exactly my point.) But naturally, when I do something it's different.

I wasn't talking about making out with him, or relating some anecdote about him that was only really funny if you were there, or how I'm so in love with him and going to marry him or anything. Well, it might have been a not-so-funny anecdote (Not really. I was talking about how he thinks Lady Gaga is pretty because she's not. And then how we were going to his brother's graduation. Totally non-threatening.)

Cassandra does it too. It's just really strange because I actually consider Anthony one of my best friends, and I spend 99% of my time with him. I talk about him the way I talk about all of my friends, but I only get that "that's nice" pat on the head attitude when I mention his name. It's irritating and probably karma.
Oh well, their loss. Anthony and I are adorable. And I'll talk about him if I feel like it!

In other news, fat Tim Curry looks like a tree frog.

In other other news from the same episode, my future husband got a hair cut.

His hair before was shoulder length, frizzy, and greasy looking because he was growing it out for a role. Now it's over, he cut it, and he's adorable. I don't care how fake Dr. Spencer Reid is, I think I literally started drooling when he was on-screen.

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