Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oscar Wilde Knows His Stuff

"All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his."
~ Oscar Wilde

My mother is driving me crazy. She just complains. All the time. About everything I do.

For instance, I got 4 Bs and 1 A this semester, I also got a lecture on how I should be trying harder. I'll admit that I coast through school, but I'm only interested in the classes that deal with my major. And it's practically an impossibility to make an A in art, it's very subjective. In one of my art classes, I would change my projects to fit my teachers suggestions because she'd give me a higher grade.

My dad said something about needing to buy more bread, and she said, "That's Essence, she's eating up all the food in the house." EXACT WORDS. I had 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. One on Saturday after I came home, one for breakfast on Sunday, and one during Celebrity Apprentice which is also when she said that. She talks about me needing to work out and losing weight too.

My dad said he'd get me a job because everyone in Ennis loves him and me by proxy. My mom is nagging me to apply for other jobs. If I was already promised a job, why would apply for jobs that every other kid in Ennis is applying for?

She told me I should date this random black kid that helped her move my stuff because apparently I said black guys aren't nice (I didn't. My sister did.) I found that rather insulting because I love Anthony, and when I told her that, she gave me this long lecture about how she doesn't care who I date as long as they can provide for me, but Anthony and I had to be prepared to face racists and blah blah blah. She just sounds like she's trying to be supportive, but underneath she disapproves. It's annoying.

And any time I tell her that she's being annoying or insulting, she gets all angry and tries to make it seem like I'm overreacting and overemotional and that I'm being rude to her (and shut up Anthony because I know I do the same thing to you.)

So we're exactly the same and I can't live with her!


  1. I wasn't thinking that, honestly. I am now, though. That's your fault. :P


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