Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Blog Ever.

I was looking at my old MySpace blogs, and I found the best blog ever. And every time I read it, I laugh a lot. And I wonder why Anthony is dating me. But I mostly laugh.

Dec. 27th 2008:

Anthony convinced Sam, Cassandra, Hanna, and I to stay in his room under the guise that he wanted to stay up all night. Let it be known that he was the first to fall asleep. Anyway, we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and everyone but me fell asleep. And don't let them lie to you, they were asleep.

I was in their room later getting my DVDs to get ready to go home and I couldn't find HP anywhere, so I texted Anthony because he's dumb and he probably lost it.

Me: Where the hell is my movie?
Anthony: What movie?
Me: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. If you lost it, I will take your life.
Anthony: I never had it.
Me: It was in your room that one night we stayed up until 3 and I left it here and if you lost it, I will kill you.
Anthony: I didn't lose it. Look through the dvds on my desk, in the dvd case on the floor, or ask Sam. I had nothing to do with that.
Me: Do you like having a penis? Because I will remove yours if anything happened to my movie. The second one is my favorite!
Anthony:...I did nothing!
Me: Neither did Sam apparently. I will castrate you both if my movie is not found within one week of our return to school.
Anthony: ...okay...
Me: I am not kidding, Mr. Hufford. I do not mess around when it comes to Harry Potter. Prepare yourself.
Anthony: I am prepared.
Me: For a second, I almost missed you, but then I couldn't find my movie. I hate you.
Anthony: :( I didn't lose it.
Me: I will not stand for your kids. *That came up on predicted text instead of 'lies'. I left it to see what Anthony would say, but he didn't acknowledge it.*
Anthony: If it makes you feel any better, I forgot half m underwearr... *Of course, he types like this, so it probably didn't register.*
Me: Why would that make me feel better? Okay, I did laugh at you a little. Guess what?
Anthony: What?
Me: When we went to Victoria's Secret, we got sized for bras. Guess my bra size.
Anthony: 32c
Me: You're close! 38. It's almost scary...Is there something you'd like to tell me, sir? *So my actual bra size is 38D. I forgot. Julian remembered. In my defense, I've never bought a bra for myself.*
Anthony: Haha...erm...>.>
Me: It's a gift? I love you, Anthony. Even though you misplaced my most treasured HP DVD.
Anthony: I love you too *Note that he still did not take responsibility for losing my movie.*

So, I tore up his already torn up room trying to find my movie. I asked everybody,
"Okay, you're Anthony and you're dumb. What did you do with my Harry Potter movie?"
Julian: "Well, if I were Anthony, I'd lose it, then say I didn't. Oh wait, he already did that!"
I laughed but I still never found it.

Julian called me later and said he found it in his underwear drawer. Which is why I hate Anthony. The End.

Hee. ^_^


  1. Wait, you hate me because Julian was hiding Harry Potter in his underwear drawer? That sounds like some deep psychological issues on his behalf, not mine.

  2. I hate you because you lost it. And you won't admit that you lost it.


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