Saturday, March 13, 2010

A letter to LC

Dear Lauren Conrad,

I feel like I owe you an apology. See, when you appeared on the reality show Laguna Beach, I thought you were an annoying spoiled teenager who stole people's boyfriends, so I didn't hold much hope when you moved to your own reality show. I thought you just got the job at Teen Vogue because you were already quasi-famous, and that you were just trying to hold on to your 15 minutes of fame. Since the first line you designed was priced in the hundreds of dollars, I assumed that you were just full of yourself (and I looked at this line, and it was not worth it.)

But after viewing your new, lower and still over-priced line LC at Kohl's, I retract my assumption that you aren't a talented designer. I absolutely fell in love with your pieces. They're gorgeous, and I found the most perfect motorcycle jacket EVER. I've been looking for one since last September, and yours is beautiful and in my size. So I bought it. True, it was marked down from $72 to $49.99, and true, I got another 30% discount by having my employee friend purchase it for me, but I love my new jacket. And unlike most celebrities I do not like supporting by purchasing their merchandise, I truly hope you enjoy the 30 something dollars you made from this sale.

However, after watching your show, my accusations of you being a whiny crybaby still stand.

Essence B.

My new jacket. I know it was just starting to feel nice outside, but I want the weather to get colder just so I can wear it.

I also want this dress.

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