Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I ran into Ashley Serna today while I was getting my hair did. Serna is the girl who commented to this picture of Anthony and I,

Ignore my two chins. And Anthony's guy-liner. Emo.


"ohhh dangg:]
looks like a boy i would date!
get it Essencee<33 mmmm"

Today she greeted me with, "Hey, I heard you're dating a white boy!"

I do believe that I have an affinity for guys with blue eyes, but I am not dating Anthony for his whiteness. I don't even think about the fact that we are different races until other people point it out. Or sometimes when I look down while we're holding hands...

I just said, "Yes."

Then she asked, "Have you banged him yet?"


  1. Aww ignore them. I think you guys look great together, and of course you're not dating him because he's white. I wonder why people have to point that out.



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