Friday, June 4, 2010

Such a Pretty Fat

One of the biggest reasons I hate staying at home is that my mother constantly talks about my weight. Ironically she, my sister, and I wear the same size. But that in no way stops her from picking on us.

Sure, that fitnessgram thing I got my senior year of high school said I'm in the overweight category, but I don't think I'm fat. The average size of an American woman is 14, so I maintain that I'm average. I think I could be more fit. I wish I had super toned arms ala the First Lady, but I don't like traditional exercise. I don't like going to gym, and feeling like people are watching you, and waiting for stupid machines. I like exercise that doesn't feel like exercise. I like dancing and swimming and hiking sometimes. Actual activities that happen to burn calories. But Ennis' summer recreation only provides dance classes for children and the pool closed down (I told y'all Ennis sucks.) I guess I could hike around Lake Bardwell except I'll work all day once I start. Besides, I'd have to go alone, and you're not supposed to hike alone.

The other interesting part is that I read an article in some magazine that did a study of sorts. It turns out that diet alone helps you lose more weight than exercise alone. And not diet like starvation or Atkins or anything extreme that requires you learning how to cook complicated recipes, just incorporating more vegetables and fruit and eating less bread and meat. In our house right now, we have 2 loaves of bread, bagels, tortillas, three different kinds of pasta (fettucini, spaghetti, and lasgna) and two different types of crackers and the freezer is full of meat. The only vegetables we have are frozen French fries, tomatoes, a wilted head of lettuce, and several cans of green beans, corn, and peas. We also have oranges. The point is, she picks on me for what I eat, but she's not providing much else. I ate a Maple every opportunity I got a school and they always had broccoli and squash. I happen to like fresh vegetables.

Anyway, yesterday she made me put back a bowl of animal crackers. She won't let me bake. She's driving me crazy. And she goes crazy if I say anything to her. She says I try and blame her for things and that I should take control of my own life (which is also ironic because the other day when she was lecturing me about going to Anthony's house, she told me that I'm not an adult and that I need her and Daddy.) But I'm totally blaming this on her because she should have let me become a ballerina or cheerleader like I wanted to. I'd probably have an eating disorder or something, but at least then she'd be bitching at me to eat.

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  1. :( I say you're allowed to eat animal crackers. They're yummy! And you're keeping the overpopulation of bread-like fauna from occuring. The last thing we want is too many animal crackers taking over the world, biting off our heads in revenge.


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