Thursday, June 24, 2010

Acclaimed Author?

I want to write. (An actual book, that is. I feel the need to clarify since technically I'm writing at this very moment.)

I wanted to be a writer when I was younger. It really doesn't count for anything because I also wanted to be a nurse, artist, librarian, and ballerina. But I figured since I liked to read, I could write. People who can write usually love to read, but that road does not go both ways. I am a terrible author. I can't create characters. I make up people like Disney does (Maybe I could work for them. But seriously, every Disney series about a middle class girl with two best friends, one of which is dumb and the other is a boy that the main character or the other friend will eventually date. And then they make random middle school trouble that they could avoid if they were normal people. And even though she never has money or a job, she never wears the same outfit. We're very off-topic.) I cannot make a plot. Kind of parallel to my life. Actually, exactly like my life. Case in point: my blog was supposed to be a showcase for my artwork and fiberous things, but I rant about things and terrorize my boyfriend.

The point is, I've figured out how I'm going to make my mark on the literary world! (Aside from writing a young adult series about mermaids because mermaids are so the new vampires.)

I can write memoirs and autobiographies! Or just one autobiography because that's how that works. Because I'm best at being me, and people would totally pay to read about my past and my opinions.

Or maybe that's just how it works in my head. The real point is, be nice to me because you might end up in my book.

Now I just need to do something interesting...


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  2. I can totally relate to you on this! Besides the fact it's the only thing I'm good at (science and math can suck it!), I really enjoy writing. But, my train of thought when it comes to writing books is about 10 minutes...maybe less. Which is why I've decided to get a BA in English, a masters in creative writing, become an english teacher (or esl if I can perfect my Spanish)' and write a book that's a collection of short stories.

  3. In your defense, school is out right now. As far as I know, you're only making Glee stuff and pants. Once school starts back up, you'll have more art to put up, right? :)


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