Monday, June 21, 2010

The Best Policy

Honesty is the number one thing women look for in relationships. Not me though. I definitely want a sense of humor and a belief in God first. Honesty is in the top five though. I don't want someone who walks around calling me a fat bitch all the time because that'd get real old fast, but if I ask a point-blank question, I want an answer.

So, I asked Anthony if he thought he's the Settler or the Reacher in our relationship. (How I Met Your Mother. Anyone?) And he ignored me and avoided answering the question. And the one things I can't stand is being ignored, it pisses me off. So I kept asking because I know he has an answer. Everyone has an answer, and the fact that he didn't answer and tried to equalize our status proves to me that he thinks he's the Settler.

Case in point: I asked my parents too. My mom said that she and my dad were equal partners and to do the dishes before she walked away; however, my dad said that he was the reacher. Just saying, if Anthony thought he was the Reacher, he'd have no problem singing my praises, but he didn't. So he thinks he's the Settler and that admitting so will only make me angry.

I picked him to be the Settler too. I mean, I only had to wait a year after admitting that I liked him for him to ask me out. I don't care that I'm the Reacher, I'm dating up. But the fact that he refused to answer, even after I kept asking makes me upset.

I'm an honest person. I have a blog on the Internet where I openly rant about people I hate and how I grow a mustache. It might also be a cowardly, but I tell the truth. So I expect the same level of honesty from everyone, especially someone I'm dating. Probably more so from someone I'm dating. I don't ask questions about things I don't care about, that applies to everything from math to the news to my relationship and I don't appreciate being ignored. David (my ex-boyfriend) did the same thing. I told him everything, but anytime I got too close, he pushed me away. I don't like being on the outside.

So I have more questions for you, Anthony. If you can't answer this stupid question, how are you going to tell me the truth about things that matter? If I have to wait for you deign to tell me things, what else are you going to think is unimportant? And did you honestly think I was just going to let this go?

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  1. Essence, I really don't think I'm the Settler. I just don't. I also don't think you're out of my "league." I think it's silly to put people in "leagues" anyway. I think I am VERY lucky to have you as my girlfriend. You always make me laugh and smile, and I pretty much always have fun hanging out with you (unless you're angry, and I don't think you should be :P).

    I do not believe I am the Settler. End of story.

    And, since we've started dating, I have never once not answered your questions truthfully. I either answer them with complete honesty, or I don't answer them and tell you why. I answered this question, and honestly.


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