Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Way

I'm about 90% sure that my future roommates and I are not going to move into the house. We have to find someone to fill our lease at the apartment, and Cassandra had some friends who were apartment shopping but they're going in a different direction, and everyone's acting like Cassandra's friends were the only people looking for an apartment and making no attempt to find anyone else.

But it's okay because I'd have to cut some people into more pieces than Lord Voldemort's soul if we tried to move into the house. They're already bitching and pointing fingers and being passive aggressive ass hats.

Sidenote: If you say you don't want to be in the middle of my crap, don't promptly scold me like I'm your child and try to mediate. I'm more than capable of holding my own, and I don't need or want another mother. Comply with your own wishes and stay out of it.

As soon as I finish this lease, I'm moving into a one bedroom apartment. Who's idea was it for me to live with three other girls anyway? My art friend Victoria recommended her apartment complex. It's three blocks from school and $550 a month plus $60-ish for Internet and electricity. That's totally doable. Come to think of it, if anyone wants to move into a 4x4 apartment at Gateway, I'm open for breaking my lease and moving out this year.

I don't mean to sound like such a downer, I'm just really disappointed with people this year. My roommates, my parents, everyone who's not hiring me, my insurance company. I got into a little accident with a road sign in January, and the bumper of my car and the roof were damaged. Through some miscommunication with the collision repair people, the bumper was fixed and not the roof. I took my car back to have the roof fixed and it sat on the lot for two weeks without being fixed because the insurance company tried to say it was part of another accident. My dad and I had to meet some insurance guy at the site of my accident, with the police report and pictures, just to prove it was part of the same accident. Now we're waiting for him to call so I can take it back to the collision repair place. Major fail, State Farm, major fail.

One way.

I want to end on a more positive note, so I'm learning to cook as I will need to feed myself! I have two new cookbooks, one of which is a $7 meal cookbook that teaches you how to feed a family of four for under $7. That one requires a lot more prep work and buying of raw foods, but I like it. I made chicken tetrazini today. It was okay.

Which is code for: I'm so much better at baking.

I hope everyone else is having a better summer! Except you, Anthony.


  1. Are you gonna steal some other woman's man with your chicken tetrazini so she can go on a talk show and yell about your chicken tetrazini? :P

    PS... I like saying "chicken tetrazini."

  2. No. I didn't like the chicken tetrazini. I guess I'm not meant to steal men with my food. I did make really good pizza though! I should blog about that.


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