Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm retracting my answer to the above question.

Well, partially. I still don't believe that you don't have legitimate answers to my questions, but it's also because of how you answer questions.

Anthony, you answer questions like a politician. I ask you something, and you sidetrack and give an answer without really answering me. It's annoying when actual politicians do it, and it super-duper-mega-annoying when you do it.

It's not like I'm asking you to draw up a cohesive plan to achieve world peace or write a bill on legalizing marijuana. I'm asking you simple questions that should have simple answers, but you twist them and blow them out of proportion and half answer at best. So I feel the same way I do when politicians hold press conferences: like you're lying or hiding something.

But don't worry. If it's that difficult for you to legitimately answer a question, I won't ask you anymore.


  1. Essence, how am I supposed to answer a question like "Why are you you?" That's a really loaded question. I don't know why I'm me. My DNA, God, and the experiences I've throughout my life make up me. That's about all I can answer to that question. Since I didn't want to say "I don't know," I answered with mostly joking with that answer in there.

  2. Okay. Good luck in the next election, Mr. Hufford.

  3. You guys are the most passive-aggressive couple I have ever seen! :P


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