Friday, June 25, 2010

Mommy Dearest

I've decided that I could just write a book on the millions of ways my mother frustrates me. I think that might even be a genre because all of the "chic lit" books I've read are about frustrated mothers, frustrated wives, frustrated daughters, or a combination of the three. Since I'm unmarried with no children and living at home, the frustrated daughter definitely applies.

My current gripe: My mother refuses to buy me anything. Anything. Now I know better than to walk up to her and straight up ask for money or something like that, but when I ask for food or toiletries or basic things that most parents provide for their children that live at home, she tells me to get a job (And I am trying to get a job. I've been to Walmart four times and I've called twice because I refuse to go back to McDonalds.)

She keeps telling me that I'm in a "transition" period between adulthood and childhood, which really means that I can't do anything or get anything, apparently. It's like she expects me to be fully independent, living in my own apartment with my own job. Which I guess makes sense in her world since her mother basically kicked her out when she was 18. Her mother told her it was time for her to move out, helped her find an apartment, and helped her move out. But her mother also had 3 other children, all of which ended up being teen mothers. But really? I'm 19, a junior in college, and I have trouble working and going to school at the same time, so I've only had summer jobs working with fast food.

I don't know. I just feel like I'm disappointing her in so many ways. She played basketball and volleyball, and I don't get the point of running if I'm not being chased. I'm majoring in fibers, and I have no clue what to do with my life, and she tells me to get a job where I can make money (Obviously money isn't important to me, Mother. I'd much prefer to have my sanity which is why I'm not at McDonald's right now.) She laughs and/or calls me a Jew when I talk about Heritage, regardless of the fact that you can't believe in Jesus and be a Jew. She doesn't like white people, and I'm dating a white boy. She calls me fat all the time (Well, actually she tells me I need to exercise for "my health," points out how many calories things are when she sees me eating them, and lately she's taken to reminding me that Anthony is half my size when she sees me eating, but she might as well just call me fat.)

Maybe I am too sensitve. She always says that when I confront her about her being kind of bitchy. She says I can't take a joke, that I take things too literally, and that she's going to stop talking to me (which is also frustrating. If you know that I'm over emotional, why would you keep making fun of me?) But I would just like to not feel scrutinized and judged. And I want her to know that being a transitional adult sucks worse than being a kid because at least then someone would feed me without complaining.

Mostly, I just want someone to buy me razors and lotion because I only have $83 in my bank account and that makes me nervous. What if there's an emergency?


  1. My mom made me pay rent, get a job, and pay half of my tuition when I lived at home. On top of that, I paid my own car note, cell phone, insurance, and any other essentials I needed. The only thing I didn't pay for was food. But, to be honest, it definitely prepped me for the life I live today. I work 40+ hours a week and take online classes. Life is harder without the comforts of parents to fall back on.

  2. Then I am most definitely totally spoiled.

    Did you have to stalk/harass half the people in your town to get a job too?

  3. Lol luckily I'm in Houston so job hunting was easier. I was spoiled for a while, but ya gotta grow up sometime

  4. She tells you that I'm half your size? ... That's not nice.

    And I like that you don't see the point of running unless you're being chased. :P

  5. @ asha lanae: I think my sometime should be in the future. Far, far in the future.

    @ Anthony: You are half my size.


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