Saturday, June 12, 2010


Since I craft, I tend to collect stuff. It's just things I think I can use for a project or for decorating. Basically, useless crap. One of my biggest fears, besides dying by being hit by a car while I jaywalk and contracting skin cancer, is being a hoarder. Have you ever seen that show on A&E? It's all these sad people keeping what's essentially trash because they haven't taken care of it, but it's important to them. I almost always end up crying because part of me know how they feel about things they could use and things that have memory for them. The other part is sad because I'm probably going to turn into them. In an effort to not be a keeper of useless crap, I've been throwing things away. Today, I found this:

This was my most favorite shirt in the 4th grade. I wore it every chance I got. And I had to throw it away because it's stained and old and I don't fit into it anymore. I'll always remember that it's my favorite shirt even though I no longer have it. I'd like to say that it's been a moment of personal growth, but I did take a picture with it...

At least now I have this blog post and creepy picture to remind me of my childhood!


  1. You are not going to be a hoarder, Essence. Those people hoard everything! You at least throw away your trash. :P

  2. It starts small! One day I might just stop taking out my trash. And then what will happen? Camera people will be interviewing my loved ones and a counselor will be trying to convince me to throw away rotting fruit.


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